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Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'Ivon' - Yakson House Makati Update: The Yakson Experience 1


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The Yakson Experience 1

I'll let you in on a little secret: I really can't stand walking on high heels because my feet and knees easily get tired, hence boots are my favorite choice of footwear. Also, my boyfriend has just recently made me realize that I somehow walk unlady-like, with my feet slightly pointing outwards. In Filipino, I am "sakang." Pero slight lang, okay???!

 When Yakson House invited me to try their aesthetic bone therapy and made me choose between the face resizing or leg straightening program, I was more interested in the former but I knew that I needed the latter more. Hoping it would help correct my slouchy walking habit, I signed up for 10 sessions of Yakson House's leg straightening program.

I am actually on my fourth weekly session already. It has become my weekly habit to end my otherwise dreadful work-week with a massage at Yakson House, in preparation for the glorious weekend.
Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'Ivon' - Yakson House Makati Update: The Yakson Experience 1

You know what they say on how to detect at first glance whether a Chinese restaurant serves authentic Chinese food or not? (Answer: If there are plenty of Chinese eating there). Well, I'd like to believe it applies to a spa as well, because on my second session at Yakson House, there were at least two Korean women having their beauty time at Yakson. Haha!

Yakson provides a shirt and shorts that you should change into before the procedure starts, for a more comfortable therapeutic session.

Consequently, you'll have your own basket to put all your belongings into, as well.

Yumin Kim, the Korean manager of Yakson House, personally does the bone therapy. 

On the first session of the leg straightening program, Yakson will first assess your legs to identify the problem areas. Yumin said my left knee points slightly inward and that my pelvis is "unbalanced." 

She then proceeds to start the bone therapy, which is slightly painful but tolerable. Unlike in usual body massages, I find Yakson's to be more intense as Yakson's unique Golki therapy makes use of bone-to-bone pressing technique. It concentrates on the bones, not just the muscles. 

She also massages the knees' bones...

...and the hips.

After the leg and hip massage, you'll also get a back and buttocks massage. Thank God I was wearing pretty undergarments! LOL.

After 45 minutes of intense bone therapy, they'll place a warm and heavy flat stone ontop of your pelvis for 15 minutes. I guess it's supposed to act as a hot compress.

All in all, the experience wasn't very frightening as I imagined it would be. Like I said, it was slightly painful but tolerable. It was the kind of pain that made you feel good. I don't know if someone else has experienced that inexplicable feeling of badly wanting your legs pulled and stretched  really hard, but I have always felt that kind of weird physical craving every night before I sleep and Yakson's bone therapy seemed to hit the spot. It was an itch well scratched (Eww that sounded so wrong. lol). 

Yakson's happy customers...

now includes me.

I'm so excited for my next session this week!

Yakson House or YaksonMyunga is located at G4 PERLA MANSION 117 Don C. Palanca. St. Legaspi Village, Makati City.