Wednesday, May 14, 2014

[Yakson House] Changed face outline and improved resilience through golki therapy/Golki therapy

Changed improved resilience through golki therapy

Measurement of facial resilience
In this study, we used the Robo Skin Analyzer CS50 (Inforward, Japan)
to assess facial resilience improvement.
One expert took measurements of all examinees. The examinee, seated in a chair,
had on a hairband to secure adequate area of the forehead.
Measurements were taken on the front, left and right sides of the face.
Instrument-aided measurements were taken at Session 0 and Session 10. For accurate
reproducibility, the facial points of the face results at Session 0 were overlapped with
the results at Session 10 for comparison.


The result of the measurements taken using the Robo Skin Analyzer CS50 for assessment of improvement of facial resilience before and after 10 sessions of applying golki therapy are as follows. The colors appearing on the face as seen in Table 5 indicate
different heights of the surface of the face in the order of Rad> Orange> Yellow> Green>
Cyan> Blue. This data can be used for assessing the improvement of facial resilience.
As indicated in Table 5, most of the 18 examinees showed more red indications on their
faces at Session 10 than at Session 0, implying that golki therapy is helpful in improving facial resilience.

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