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Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'Charm' - Yakson House Makati Update: My first Yakson House Experience


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My first Yakson House Experience

Hello, I'm really excited to share with you my first Yakson House Experience. To know basic facts about Yakson House (click HERE). I got my first massage last May 3. (I just got to post it today because of one reason here).

Yakson House is located in the central business district of Makati. Since it was my first time to go there, I took a cab so that I won't head on on the wrong way and be late for my first session.

This is what their spa looks like! Pretty small but cute with plants as decors.

Upon arriving there, they asked me what program  I am into. I said to them upper body program (I forgot that it is called Special Bridal care). Back flash: Before I submitted my application I was given two different choices, either upper body program ( Special Bridal Care) or lower body program ( Leg Straightening Care). And since my legs are fine and I really opted for a back massage, I chose their upper body program.

He started Yakson house
I was really excited to get my first free session. (i mean who will not be excited for a free massage right?)

But Yakson House Philippines told me that the main branch (Yakson House Korea) sent a different blogger profile. So I have to wait for a few minutes for confirmation of my entry. While waiting I took the opportunity to take photos of their place. After 10 minutes, Ms. Kim ask me to change my clothes so that I can start my first massage session. (Yay! I'm so happy!). She told me that the main branch accidentally sent a different file. (that's okay! we are people, it's okay to make mistakes).

These are their Face reduction program before and after. 
Anyway, after changing clothes, they started cleansing my face and they gave me a headband (which I accidentally broke. Sorry! >.<) and they took photos of me for their company documentary. Ms. Kim asked me why I chose Face Resizing care (which I thought same with Special Bridal Care) and I answered I want to have a perfectly V-shaped face and a back massage. She also said I have relatively small face already.

They have a lot of beautiful and handsome Korean
stars who have tried their massage services.
DID YOU KNOW? They have one Filipina Celebrity
customer but it is confidential! haha.. I don't know who she is either.
After taking pictures, they gave me a back massage. I am a little bit shy because I was experiencing  micropeeling because of GSA love soap. It becomes a  dead skin cells when you put oil. ( you know what I mean xD ).

They are BIR taxpayer! Meaning their business looks
 small but they have  high income.
 Investors, they have only one branch.
So what are you waiting for ? Franchise. Franchise.

 The back massage was really  relaxing that I almost fell asleep. It is one of the BEST massage I have ever tried.  After that, they proceed with the facial massage. Ms. Kim  is the one who did this. It was amazing how she changes the pressure from soft massage to a hard massage (she was an expert!). It was also very relaxing. It is my first time to try facial massage that is why I can't compare it with other massage. She also massage my scalp by combing my hair using a wooden comb. Then, they put  a mask that eventually like this molded mask.

My molded Mask

Their beds! Look at the curtain! 

My observations:

1.) they were pretty generous in giving skincare product during the back massage and facial massage.
2.) they don't use fancy nature music like other massage spa that I have visited. Instead they tune in to "Easy Rock" ( a radio station). I like it because Easy rock's choice  of music are soft to the ears.
3.) Their bed are separated with curtain. ( Note that they use  curtain which are thick enough to preserve your personal privacy.)
4.) The color and wallpapers gives the illusion of more relaxing ambiance.
5. ) Their staffs are very professional. They greet me and treated me as if I am real customer. They also smiles a lot . ( I really like people who smiles. It make me feel more welcome)
6.) They always have fresh and clean towels and clothes. 

OVERALL: if I will be rich, I will definitely patronize their service. Aside from the fact that it is very relaxing, they give a generous skin care and a superb massage, they also makes your body look good.

here is my customer card where all my records are being tracked.

here is their brochure and calling Card
I haven't take a photo while I am having a massage. It is because they have other customers while I am having my massage. It is for privacy purposes. However, I will try my best to have one. If you have any question please feel free to comment below. :)

That's all for today! See you on my next post darlings! :)