[Yakson House] Experts Column/Tips for Healthy Life/The best healthy tips

by RambergMediaImages

1. If your hands and feet are cold, try not to eat too much fruits. (Your body will get even colder.)

2. If you are suffering from chronic headache, try sleeping facing up instead of facing down. (Cold-hot bath is effective against severe headache.)
Put 2-4 drops of radish juice in the nose for best result.

3. Removing old fecal matter has positive effect on people with obesity. (Take 1800cc of energy salt in 15 minutes.)

4. Try walking backwards when you feel sudden paralysis of your body.

5. When you feel car sick, clamp your little fingers together and pull away.

6. Drinking taro peel tea is good for neuralgia.

7. Cucumber juice is good for urine problems.

8. Skipping on one leg is good for hemorrhoids. (Apply water boiled with fig leaves.)

9. If you are suffering from insomnia, eat cooked onions or drink water boiled with onions.


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