Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'Kaye' - Yakson House Makati Update: How far will you go for Beauty?

Name: Kaye
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Fashion, style, latest trends – these three will never miss a woman’s bucket, especially those who refer themselves as “IN”. 
These days, beauty is defined by what we see in media – that’s why lots of us are strongly influenced by it. And I admit I’m one of the victims. I was born with huge athletic thighs and legs like my mom. (Ohh the genes! She could have just blessed me the chromosomes of her pointed nose, but no I had her legs instead, of all things, her legs. ) 
I have been struggling with these since I reached maturity.  I was called “balyena”, “amazona”, “kapre” - yadayada. Name it! I’d be happy to hear more. But it came to a point where I just have to accept and deal with what I have, because I can’t do anything about it. I have been blessed with a good pair of functioning legs, so why complain right? 
Years passed and I saw a glitch that can actually make things different. And there you go, I enrolled in a gym. Booyah! I attended my weights training class every day for 2-3 months. I dedicated my time to it because I really wanted my legs to slim down a little. And hey, all the sweat and pain paid off! I was so fulfilled after those months of working out. After that, I can confidently flaunt my legs and wear shorts as much as I want to. (Ha. Ha. Who’s balyena now?) 
Til… I became lazy. I stopped hitting the gym coz I started working. I ate a lot from the food coverage I was doing for my job. (When you’re a reporter, almost everything comes for free. Yey! But nay! LEGS)
My legs became huge again within a snap! Ha! Joke is on me. But instead of fats, I got muscles - firm legs, with BIG muscles. 

(Before Treatment Pictures)

And then a blessing came. I saw an ad on Facebook from a Korean Beauty company, Yakson House, saying they need a “Beauty Editor”, so I applied and luckily I was picked. They asked me to write for them in exchange of 10 free sessions of one of their products. First thing that came into my mind – legs. 

When everything is settled, contract agreement, booking reservations, taking photos, I attended the first session. It was a leg slimming program! Yey! 
It was my first time to get a slimming program. Never in my life I planned to get this kind of products (but I always daydream about it) because - first it’s costly, second it’s costly, and third IT’S COSTLY. (I hope I reiterate it enough) But see, I got it for free so, why not? 
So here’s what happened – Miss Yumin Kim, the owner, asked me to change my clothes first. They have a pair of short and a shirt inside the room where they do the program. After I changed, we started with a “Golki Massage”. Miss Yumin Kim described it as a “bone-to-bone” massage. She did it to me herself. She used her arm bones to massage all my leg bones - ankles and thighs included too. And ooh! I can tell that she’s strong! Having big legs like mine, I was impressed. Ha! She's really strong. It was relaxing but a little painful. 

After the golki massage, she asked her assistant to come and do the next step. Here, she used a Kalsa – a plate-liked ceramic with a hole in the middle – to scrub my legs. And hey, when I say scrub, I mean SCRUB. She did it with force and it was so painful that it comes to a point I had bruises already. But I didn’t bother. I can tolerate the pain, I conditioned my mind to tolerate the pain – for better looking legs. 

The last part was Electrotherapy – it comes with the aid of a slimming machine. It was said to help lose fats, tone muscles, improve blood circulation, eliminate body toxins and increase metabolism. 

That's how the process works. Massage - Scrub - Electrotherapy.
I had done three sessions, there’s seven left. So far, it was good and I can see some changes already.
But heads up, this is not advisable for people with low tolerance for pain. Wait for the next blogpost and follow my journey.Know more about their company, their boutique, their services and products, their offers, and their people.

Yaksonmyungga is located in G4 Perla Mansion, 117 Don C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village 8929441, Makati City.


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