Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yakson House:Post-surgery massage

yakson house model
yakson house model
Post-surgery patients benefit from massage therapy in many ways such as, reducing swelling, making a natural face which has become tight after surgery and are guarding due to the trauma of the surgery. Massage helps overcome the unsatisfying result of your surgery and being swollen.

Post surgery massage
Post surgery massage
Post-surgery patients should seek massage therapy in order for them not to suffer needlessly in pain for months and years because of unnatural face, and long lasting swollen. 
Yakson House post-surgery massage helps you assist in solving these type of post-surgery issues.

yakson house model
yakson house model
Yakson House’s systematic lymph care will minimize swelling and maximize satisfaction of your surgery.
As more people opt for cosmetic surgeries, there is also an increasing number of people who are unsatisfied with the result. There are frequent cases of people looking less attractive after the surgery. The main reason for this is poor management of the swelling in the parts treated.


Reduce swelling
More effective after surgery
Natural face
Help to clean body waste

Power-up lifting Care

Rib resilience, abdomen relaxation▶collarbone & shoulder care▶face lymph care▶ face muscular strength care▶head care▶mask pack

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