Yakson House: Special Skin Regeneration Care to improve your blood circulation to maximize regeneration of your skin

Special Skin Regeneration Care
Special Skin Regeneration Care
As I'm getting over 25,  I'm very interested in anti-aging skincare and treatments. I would love to retain a youthful appearance for as long as possible - WITHOUT resorting to injectables, fillers or surgery. I've previously posted about Facial Exercises with Yakson House youtube video - a  method of building up muscle to replace declining facial fat. I still do these exercises weekly, and find them very effective.
Special Skin Regeneration Care
Special Skin Regeneration Care
                                               Special Skin Regeneration Care

As you turn 25, the dying cells in your body begin to outnumber the cells newly multiplied. We suddenly notice aging of the skin after age of 25 because regeneration of the skin slows down. To minimize aging of the skin, you need this special care designed to increase regeneration rate of your skin cells.


Cell regeneration
Baby face
Brightening skin
Moisturizing skin
Pure skin

Power-up lifting Care

Back resilience arm relaxation or rib resilience, abdomen relaxation▶collarbone & shoulder care▶face nourishing care▶skin Regeneration care▶mask pack▶finish

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