Thursday, November 28, 2013

Achieve a slimmer and smaller Face!

Hey everyone,

Quite a few people have recently asked me about how to make my face look sharper these days and also asked if I've lost weight. Some even made accusations that I've had botox. While these two are very valid reasons for obtaining a slimmer face, I have to say I have not lost a single pound nor had any form of botox. 

And, please don't misunderstand this video as a message to be ashamed of your face shape. I'm very happy with the face shape I was born with. My face is considered quite round and I've seen it as a blessing because round face girls tend to look younger and more innocent. 

The video is split into 3 parts. To me, What I share in this video is going to define your natural face shape! No matter what face shape you have, you CAN make your face more defined and sharp. :D 
smaller Face massage
smaller face massage 
1) With your thumb fingers, had your hands along with the sides of your jaws. and push them upwards for 4 secs
smaller face massage
smaller face massage 

2) With your thumb fingers on the jaw, massage there for 2 secs
smaller face massage
smaller face massage 
3) Lastly, cover your face with your hands and press there for 4 secs.

Hope you like them.. :D

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