TRY BACK MASSAGE for a break if you need

TRY BACK MASSAGE for your healthy and beautiful life! :D

In modern society, you use your back a lot! Over and over, you pick heavy things up - children, groceries, backpacks - to name but a few! Surely you feel a slight pain in your lower or upper back, perhaps your shoulder blades. Not only you, but your friends(girls) probably has the same symptoms. You deserve a back massage. Do you know the benefits? I do. The benefits are so numerous, and deal far beyond what you would expect.

Yakson House offers more than just a back massage from back to head. We tend to neglect our backs, even though we are always using them. They are used even more than our feet. 
I feel that a back massage is most beneficial.


A masseuse will help navigate you through the world of massage. There is a variety of options for you to choose from head to hand, from finger to toes! My first massage was so great. My back felt so good, and it wasn't just a short relief. It is still great, even after a few weeks.

Place your hands, facing each other, on either side of the base of the spine. Move them up the back, using your body weight to apply pressure. Take your hands round the shoulders and return lightly down the sides of the body. Repeat several times before stopping to knead the shoulders. Work on one shoulder and then the other. Repeat the movement.

if you're looking for the back massage experts, feel free to go to Expert Q&A board 

Back Care (Yakson House Program) 

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