Thursday, October 10, 2013

On Beauty in Korea: Korean Body Lines

Do you know how to say "beautiful" in Korean? If you want to say the word  "beautiful," without any other context, here's how. Beautiful = yeppeun
So when you say "you're beautiful", "Dangsin-eun yeppeoyo" 
Simple, isn't it? :D 
 Korean Body Lines
2013 Yakson House official model 
As I mentioned the Korean beauty from the last post, Korean beauty standards are out of control impossible to achieve in basically every form.  Women in Korea are expected to have the body of a young Western female. So, the most interesting thing about Korean beauty culture may be the "body line" standard. Basically, they've chosen the letter based on the letter 'shape' that a woman's body resembles from a front facing view or a side view. The more you heard about it and read about it on the internet the more intrigued you would be. Then, which body "line" is best in Korea?  Sexiest?  Healthiest?  Most popular?  Most common?
Korean Body Lines
2013 Yakson House official model 
First off, you have to watch and read the latest news about favorite Korean celebrities. basically, media outlets or netizens might refer to their celeb’s bodies by saying “wah she’s got a S-Line body! Daebak!”
At first these body/face ‘lines,’ shocked you because you thought they were sexual innuendos, but in truth, these ‘lines’ are similar to the Western terms used to describe a person’s body shape e.g Pear, Apple, Column shape etc. 
Let's see several body "lines" 
Yakson House massage
The typical line: S, X line 

This refers to a woman’s body who, when viewed from the side, holds the distinct S shape i.e an ‘ample’ (in other words large) Bust and Hip but slim waist-  An X-Line body shape is very similar to an S-Line body, except (from what I’ve read online) that a person with a X-Line figure will have long arms and legs along with their hourglass figure.

S lines...?

If you look at woman's body and you can trace the line of her figure like an S, she is probably not Korean.  Or at least not naturally Korean.  The S line is characterize by a larger chest and booty, which are two stereo-typically un-Korean body traits.  There is one Korean singer/actress named Son Dam Bi that is well-known for her "S-line" body.  I still think she looks incredibly thin and doesn't quite fit the mold in my mind.

X line...?

Of course, this body(with X-line) take is basically completely impossible to achieve if you're a human, but that doesn't make it any less appealing.  From what I found, this body type is the ideal for younger women, high school or college aged Korean girls said they aimed for this or thought this type was the best.  This is the most worrisome "body type" as you read because of how incredibly impossible it is to achieve. Well, This can also be referred to as the 8 line, but I can let you know about the X to be much more common and definitive.


This is probably one of the more unique Korean body lines I’ve come across as it simply refers to a person’s exposed lower back! Or should I say SexyBack?


A slightly more sexual description of a woman’s body- this refers to a women’s cleavage, so I suppose a more media created term for simply saying “cleavage.”