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Stone Therapy & Salt Therapy

Stone Therapy & Salt Therapy

Stone Therapy

The stone therapy is originated not only from ancient American Indians’ folk remedies Nevada of United States but also the natural power of stone was used for massages in the ancient East Asia. The stone therapy was created as in the field of aesthetic treatment since early 1990 and developed into a therapy through aesthetic beauty salon guests. The stone therapy uses special stone to stimulate blood flows and clean the wastes with body rhythms by relaxing the muscles. Whinstone on the ground appears as black color and allows more infrared rays than any other stones. Another sort of whinstone under the sea level have green color and clean the wastes in the skins because of its cold presence. This green stone often used for stimulating the blood flows and clean the wastes on the face skin.
The method of stone therapy is that firstly use warm stone to stimulate the blood flow and use cold stone to clean the wastes. It has good effects on face and belly by keep switching those warm and cold stone massages.

The main effects of stone therapy

Gives more elastic skins

Gives more blood flows on the face

Gives relaxation by resolving stress

Salt Therapy

The salt therapy uses the salt which was burned in 1050 Celsius degree for 48 hours by Lee Byung Chul president of YAKSONMYUNGGA. It cleans the heavy metals, poisons and poison gas in the body. 

The salt therapy uses the principal of osmotic pressure that consumes waters from cells and takes the carbon dioxide out from the body. The salt can be used directly for massaging the face or mixed with distilled water. It is mostly used for guests who have red face or gas in the stomach. 

The main effects of salt therapy 

Reduces the swollen faces 

Good for minimizing skins 

Good for skin beauty due to the absence of carbon dioxide

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