Monday, July 29, 2013

[Yakson Review] Face Re-sizing Care, Facial asymmetry review in Uijeongbu branch, Gyeonggi-do

Face Re-sizing Care,  Facial asymmetry review

▲Before & After Pictures 

I did know Yakson House after listening to the radio ad. Because of the marriage preparation, I have been worried about asymmetry of the face. 
It is quite happy when I received facial asymmetry 11 times.
Sounds were a lot on my jaw as usual, but sound not little now.
I can feel the face line soft,  especially when I wash my face.
I feel refreshed now because I not only received face massages but body massages.  I'm looking forward to receiving massage and I pretty expect  I can feel quite well. 
Thank you for your kind massage service. 

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