About Rhinoplasty, nose liftInquiry - Makati Branch Q&A

About Rhinoplasty, nose liftInquiry - Makati Branch Q&A

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Good Day!
Do you offer Rhinoplasty or nose lift? If yes, how much would it cost? 
And also, I would like to know the best program for me. I have a square face and I would want it to be V-shaped. How much is the whole program? Will it also effect the skin? 

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About Rhinoplasty, nose liftInquiry - Makati Branch Q&A

Hi there?!
How are you?! First I would like to say Thank you for visiting the website.
Im so sorry but we do not perform any operation in Yakson House, we
only offer bone therapy but in form of massage only. About your facial
structure as you've said you have square face and the best program for
that is Facial Resizing Care cost P45,000 for 20 sessions. The said
program also included skin care to make it more elastic and lifted.
Much better if you do have time just come and visit us here for free
consultation so we can talk and disccuss in full details.

Once again, Thank you! and if you still have questions regarding our services or for reservations, you can call us at (02)8929441.

Kim Yumin
Phil. Branch Owner

Yakson House Makati Branch
Owner: Yu Min Kim
Address: G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. Philippines
Hours: 10:00 ~20:00
Telephone: 02-892-9441

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Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474
Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441


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