Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jeonju Hanok Village

Hanok(한옥) is a word meaning Korean traditional houses. 

※ About Hanok ?

The interior structure of the house is also planned accordingly. This principle is also called Baesanimsu (배산임수), literally meaning that the ideal house is built with a mountain in the back and a river in the front, with the ondol heated rock system for heating during cold winters and a wide daecheong (대청) front porch for keeping the house cool during hot summers.
Houses differ according to region. In the cold northern regions of Korea, houses are built in a closed square form to retain heat better. In the central regions, houses are 'L' shaped. Houses in the southernmost regions of Korea are built in an open 'I' form. Houses can also be classified according to class and social status.(Wikipedia)

I went to Jeonju city, 4hrs far from Seoul by car to visit Hanok Village. 

Since that was such a great experience, let me introduce some picture of the day.

▲ Hanok Village in Jeonju city   

 ▲ Galbi (Pork)  

▲ Bibimbap (One of the most famous traditional foods)

▲ Rice ball with a lotus leaf 

▲ Potbingsu (Ice flakes with red beans)

▲ Moju (alcohol) and pancakes 

▲  Jeondong Catholic church 

To feel traditional Korea,visiting Jeonju is the best way, I think! :)

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