Monday, April 15, 2013

Cherry Blossom in Seoul

It is getting warm these days, I feel like spring is right beside me. During weekend, I went for a walk to the small park around my home and found cherry blossom. 

※ Cherry blossom in Korea : Watching of cherry blossom was introduced to Korea during Japanese rule. The festivals continued even after the Japanese surrendered in WWII, but have been contentious, and many cherry trees have been destroyed because they were seen as symbols of the occupation. However, there has been considerable confusion about the origin of the cultivated Japanese cherry trees and the differences between them and native Korean trees (see the Origin debates section in Prunus × yedoensis for the details). Certain trees at Seoul's Gyeongbok Palace were cut down to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Japanese surrender in World War II.Although Cherry blossoms are already indigenous to Korea, Japan had planted trees on sacred and offensive locations in the Palace. Once the offending trees were cut down the festival continued with the indigenous trees. The cherry blossom festival at Gyeongbok Palace is one of a number of such festivals across Korea and is prominently advertised to tourists.

As you can see it in my picture, to see cherry blossom is not that difficult in Korea. Actually, it is in everywhere. In my opinion, Gyeongbok Palace or Yeouido which are famous place for cherry blossom are going to be such a nice choice but not necessary to feel spring. Once you come to Korea in spring, you can feel it in any where around you. 

Like this. :)

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