Monday, March 11, 2013

The best Bibimbab place in Seoul

Good afternoon! How was your weekend? 
In Seoul, weather was quite crazy nice only on Sat. 
The temperature went up to 71.6℉. 
I can't not believe it because it snowed just 2 weeks ago. 

Anyways, it was such a nice day for the people who don't work weekends indeed. 
For me as well. I went to go out without any hesitating. 
Me and my near acquaintance went Namsan to have Bibimbap. 

It took 10 mins by car from MyeongDong station to there. 
(You can walk but I wouldn't recommend since road is quite steep)

First, the building was quite impressive, isn't it? 
Traditional Korean-style house was waiting for us!

We ordered Bulgogi Bibimbap and Korean Beef Tartare Bibimbap.

※Did you know that?  
Bibimbap is really good for beauty and our health! 

Bibimbap is called as 'perfect food' because it contains every essential nutrient we need.
More than 5 of vegetables with vitamin and minerals, rice with carbohydrate, 
beef with protein, fat and vitamin B. 
Since its nutrient is balanced, it is popular among Well being Seekers.

Korean Style Pancakes with chive and seafood.
This is really really really good. 
I felt like to have Mageoli. :D

I heard that what to eat is more important than how much to eat for health and diet.

Let's eat healthy! :)

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