Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yakson House Facial Balance Care

Resting your chin on your arm or chewing food with just one side of jaws may create facial unbalance. It has been proven statistically that those with unbalanced faces tend to leave poor impressions on others. We highly recommend this program for those preparing for important appointments such as a job interview.

Facial Balance Care
Lower body shape care▶back shape care▶hip shape care▶back resilience , arm relaxation or rib resilience, abdomen relaxation▶collarbone & shoulder care▶face nourishing care▶face balanced care▶mask pack▶finish

※All program contents can be changed by customer's condition.
※We provide customized care of nourishment (moisturizing, lifting) and golki (face balanced care) according to your skin and face shape.

During 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes, 
Total body treatment from head to toe is USD 3,600 or PHP 75,000 for 20 sessions.

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Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474