Friday, February 22, 2013

The age of Korean movie

It is no exaggeration to say that the time is 'The age of Korean movie'. Many of Korean movies have succeed in drawing a great many audiences. Here are my recommendation. I saw these movies more than 2 times each, Oh, except Shinsagae which was released on Thursday. haha :)

1. Berlin 

Director : Seungwan Ryu
Cast : Jungwoo Ha, Seok-kyu Han, Seungbum Ryu, Jihyun Jeon 
Story : This story is about the thrilling chase due to conspiracy and every purpose.   

2. A gift from 7th Room 

Director : Hwankyung Lee
Cast : Seungryong Ryu, Sinhye Park, Sowon Gal 
Story : This story is about  the love between retard father and his only daughter with the prison in the background. 

3. Shinsaegye (the New World)

Director : Hunjung Park
Cast : Jungjae Lee, Minsik Choi, Jungmin Hwang 
Story : This story is based on violent criminal organization and the betrayal and conflict. 

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