The age of Korean movie

It is no exaggeration to say that the time is 'The age of Korean movie'. Many of Korean movies have succeed in drawing a great many audiences. Here are my recommendation. I saw these movies more than 2 times each, Oh, except Shinsagae which was released on Thursday. haha :)

1. Berlin 

Director : Seungwan Ryu
Cast : Jungwoo Ha, Seok-kyu Han, Seungbum Ryu, Jihyun Jeon 
Story : This story is about the thrilling chase due to conspiracy and every purpose.   

2. A gift from 7th Room 

Director : Hwankyung Lee
Cast : Seungryong Ryu, Sinhye Park, Sowon Gal 
Story : This story is about  the love between retard father and his only daughter with the prison in the background. 

3. Shinsaegye (the New World)

Director : Hunjung Park
Cast : Jungjae Lee, Minsik Choi, Jungmin Hwang 
Story : This story is based on violent criminal organization and the betrayal and conflict. 

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