How to make our body to 'alkalescence'

How to make our body to 'alkalescence'

To make our body to healthy alkalescene, 
it is recommended to have alkaline food and 
acid foods as a portion of four to one

alkaline food : Fresh fruit, Vegetables, Germinated beans and seeds, Rice, Fresh milk, Herbal tea, Chocolate, Fruit Juice, Buck wheat, Hog millet

acid foods : Dried Fruit, Asparagus, A thistle, Beans, Seeds, Nuts, wheat, processed dairy product, Meats, Fishes, Coffee, Alcohol, Packed fruit juice, Black tea, Soft drink, Drugs, Food additives 

However, foods are not the only solution for healthy alkalescene. 
Have you heard that being mad, unhappiness, negative, selfish, 
jealous of someone can make our body acid. 
On the other hand, being happy, positive, 
self-motivated can make alkaline body. 

So, if we keep in our mind to have nice thinking and habit of eating, 
can expect the better result.

Why don't we seek the healthier life with Yakson? :D 


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