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Propolis -10 Soothing Serum

Korean cosmetic

Soothing Serum 100ml

10% highly concentrated propolis extract helps sensitive skin feel totally at peace.
Our soothing serum makes your skin keep cleaned and moisturized by itself powered by natural ingredients.

※ Product Detail

To contain 10% propoils extract helps reduce skin problem and maintain healthy.

High-performance hydrating ingredient, hyaluronic acid Helps restore moisture and softness to skin.

Gamma-PGA, hyaluronic acid derivative and amino acid complex which vitalize creating of NMF(natural moisturizing factor) inside skin cells help homeostasis of skin cell.

Hypoallergenic with a botanical complex and a natural preservative formula

※  How to use
Apply on face or trouble area after your toner.

※  How to Buy
Please leave a comment to the below. Our customer service manager will help you.

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