Konjiam Resort, Korea Ski Resort

Konjiam Resort, Korea Ski Resort

Konjiam Resort, Korea Ski Resort

Konjiam Resort, Korea Ski Resort

Konjiam Resort, Korea Ski Resort

Most of the ski resorts of Korea are located throughout Gangwondo it start to open late November but it is too far drive from Seoul. So if you would like to enjoy ski or snowboarding near Seoul, Konjiam resort is the best place for just one night ski tour.

Konjiam Resort: www.konjiamresort.co.kr/krs/en (Detail Information)

Konjiam resort is the best place to stay with family. It has 400 condominium rooms, a spa and subsidiary facilities. It is only 50 minutes away from Seoul and Konjiam resort has the largest ski slopes in Korea.  

Yakson House staffs are also enjoy our day off at Konjiam resort.
It was definitely not crowded on weekdays.  

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  1. I hope to visit a ski resort in Korea soon. Looks so nice!

    1. Please come any time!! Winter season is so much fun with ski!

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