Vitamins can hurt you - PAM O’BRIEN (Executive Editor, Fitness Magazine)

Fitness magazine`s Pam O’Brien stopped by “The Shine” to give us the facts about taking vitamins can sometimes do more harm than good. Take a look at video below.

1.     Never Megadose – taking too many vitamins can prevent your body from absorbing other nutrients.
2.     One study found that taking too much calcium could lead to heart attacks.
3.     Myth: Taking vitamins give you a free pass to engage in unhealthy behavior like smoothing, drinking too much.
4.     Research shows that people who take vitamins are more likely to take health risks.
5.     Research shows 90% of Americans already have the recommended levels of vitamin A and D. (You don`t need to take more) Use money spent on excess vitamins for other healthy pursuits.
6.     Eat your fruits & veggies supplements are no substitute for whole foods
7.     Warning – Not all vitamins are created equal. Look for NSF or USP on the lable.
8.     Tip – Take vitamins at night


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