Monday, September 24, 2012

Haeundae Lovers

Haeundae Lovers

Haeundae Lovers

Haeundae Lovers

Title: Haeundae Lovers
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS

Cast: Gim Gang U, Jo Yeo Jeong, Jeong Seok Won, Nam Gyu Ri, Kim hye eun
Lee Tae-sung is a special elite prosecutor who goes undercover to infiltrate a crime family but ends up getting into an accident and loses his memory. Since he was undercover at the time of the accident the identity that he recovers is the wrong one. Jang So-ra is the daughter of the mobster's boss who he falls in love.

Jo Yeo Jeong

Actress Jo Yeo Jeong posted a photo of herself listening to music on her twitter account. She said “My newly bought headphones.  Oh my God, I’m so happy.  It’s a present to me for working so hard this summer.” Jo Yeo Jeong is starring in Haeundae Lovers with Kim kang woo and Nam Gyuri.

I have so much fun with this drama even through the rating is low. 

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