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Recommendation for Weight Loss Diet

Yakson House’s Recommendation for Weight Loss Diet

Recommendation for Weight Loss Diet

Recommendation for Weight Loss Diet

1) Chew well and slowly. Especially as you age.
(Hasty eating causes the pancreas to rapidly secrete insulin which produces fat. This means that it is much easier for your food to turn into fat in your body.)

2) Stay away from cold food. Especially for women.
(Body warmth is essential for fat breakdown. Raising the body temperature by 1 degree increases the basal calorie consumption by 14%. The arms also get thicker.)
3) Always eat three meals a day. Always eat starch and proteins.
(The stomach secretes gastric juice only when we eat starch and proteins. Dietary fibers are acidic and so they do not stimulate secretion of gastric juice and are not digested. But more importantly, fibers prevent the stomach from moving and may lead to lethargy of the stomach. This will then fatten the thighs and accumulate gas in the body, affecting the overall health. If you are too busy to eat three meals a day, take simple foods like rice drinks, ground nuts, almonds and fried eggs to improve the gastric function and prevent yo-yo effect after losing weight.)
4) Stay away from salty foods. One spoonful of rice per limited portion of side dishes
(Salty foods cause edema. Your calves can get fat, but more importantly, you become more vulnerable to geriatric diseases. Women, particularly, tend to use a lot of calcium and should stay away from salty foods all the more. This is because when the sodium level increases in your body, the amount of calcium leaving your body also increases.)
5) Wait for 2 hours after a meal before drinking water. Try citron tea instead of water if possible.
(If you drink water immediately after a meal, your stomach will slack. That will also make your face skin slack, compress your colon and cause constipation. Also, when the gastric juice is secreted to digest the food in the stomach, adding water dilutes gastric juice and therefore deteriorates the digestion function.)

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