Monday, August 20, 2012

Golki Therapy Goes Global!

Golki Therapy Goes Global!

Golki Therapy Goes Global!

Gol(bone)-Gi(energy) Treatment + Beauty Treatment Esthetic = Health + Beauty Therapy

Yakson House`s reveolutionary golki therapy which combines the principle of bosa of bones for promotiog blood circulation by stimulation bone with hands and beauty programs.

When president Lee Byung-chul of Yakson House stated, “I plan to develop golki therapy as Korea`s native massage style and then make it know globally,” and someone responed, “if you can do that, golki therapy will become Korea`s very own just like Taekwondo!” Lee indeed wants golki therapy to be known around the world as part of Korea`s native culture. But Lee`s ambition is not just for the golgi therapy skills but Yakson House`s community mindset. This is fundamental globalization philosophy of golki therapy according to Yakson House.

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