Curved Legs Care, Bowed Legs, Bow Legs

Curved Legs Care, Bowed Legs, Bow Legs

Curved Legs Care, Bowed Legs, Bow Legs

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I am 38 years old and interested in having a treatment for curveyed legs. (mine is O shape)
I know it is 10 times treatment but how often?
Is it once a week? or more than that?
I am living in California and have been so stressed about my legs since a little kid.
I try to figure it out how often I gotta fly to Manhattan.
Please reply me..
* PS : Can you really guarantee the outcome????
Thank you..

Reply Message

Thank you for having interest in Yaksonmyungga's curved legs care. 
So you want to know how often you need to get a treatment?

You may get a treatment once or twice a week, but you may get it up to three times. 
Since all people have different shape of curved legs, I suggest to get a treatment for 10 times first.
If you are satisfied, or think your leg is not straightened enough, you may get additional 10 times treatment.

Curved legs care(10 times based) is originally $1,100, but with our grand opening 20% discounted price, it is now $880 until the end of October.

We, Yaksonmyungga, use our special Golgi Technique to relocate the crooked bones and reshape
the articulation. The treatment will help your flow of blood circulation because we also massage your
whole body while caring curved legs.

Do not worry about the effectiveness of curved legs treatment because many of our customers are satisfied with their outcomes.

If you have more questions or any concerns, feel free to write Q&A or call our manhattan branch Yaksonmyungga at 212.564.7474.

Thank you.
From the owner of Manhattan branch, Choi Haesook. 

yakson house

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441    


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