Aqua Moisturizing Water Cream

Aqua Moisturizing Water Cream

EOS beaute aqua moisturizing water cream

Size: 120g / Price: $60

Aqua Moisturizing Water Cream

Test the oil content of Yakson House`s cometics (left the sheet for 1 hour)

There is not much left on the paper

Aqua Moisturizing Water Cream

It feels kind of silky (not much sticky) after applying moisturizing water cream

Aqua Moisturizing Water Cream

It is in between of gel and cream type and it delivers smooth and non-sticky texture.


Aqua moisturizing water cream to protect your skin with moisture-barrier
All skin problems are related to the amount of moisture in your skin. Double moisturizing system that apply on the inside and outside moisturizes multiple layers of your skin and keeps it that way for long periods of time. Portulaca oleracea extract, grape fruit extract, dipotassium glycyrrhiza derives minimize irritation to skin and sphingolipid helps protect skin from the multiple assaults of the envirtonment

How to use
Apply on face and neck after skin toner and lotion. More effective by using after 30 plants pack. 

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