Wednesday, September 27, 2017


"The flowers bloomed on your face," it may refer to the meaning of “the face of the woman who has received a propose” in Korean words. But, it may also refer to the face of adolescent / youth who has acne.

The face of acne may look pretty during that time, since youth itself is the most beautiful period of life. However, there is something that remains after the acne passes. It is the pores which does not shrink easily.

We may worsen or widen the pores by the wrong common senses that we’ve got. So today, we will introduce proper common senses and care procedures of the pores.

"It is important to smooth out the pores, but HOW?”

It is often said that peeling, (which is removing dead skin cells) helps in dead skin cell removal. But this is wrong common sense.

The main reason for enlarging the pores is the excess of the male hormone, and the high temperature of the body that the pores may spread to release the sweat. Also, as one gets older, the elasticity of the skin decreases and the skin becomes irritated. Improper cleansing also hinders the skin from breathing, and it gets a lot of gravity.

It is recommended that small habits in daily life prevent further enlarging of the pores. People should avoid irregular habits or owl lifestyles that promote aging. Also, avoid heat from the environment, such as spa, sauna, or stressful situations.

The ingredient that promotes male hormones is “fat.” When taking carbohydrates, it is recommended to avoid foods with high carbohydrates because they are converted into fat when absorbed into the body. In case of poor digestion, it is not only changed into fat, but also it is easy to generate “gas” that causes heat on the face.

In puberty, narrowing the widened pores is the key to have beautiful skin even one gets older. Let's use the principle of softening which relaxes muscles with “salt pack.” Add 2% white salt to the distilled water (until it becomes a salty-enough-concentration), then put the facial cottons in it. Keep it cool in the refrigerator, and put the cottons on the face for 3 minutes in the cold condition.

Food that contain a lot of female hormones, such as soy milk, cooked vegetables, pomegranate, and meat help muscle development when they are cooked, as they become harder. Therefore, it is better to eat them raw or under-cooked.

If you have widened pores from the flowers at your teen age, or if your pores are stretched out due to wrong habits after you become an adult, why don’t you start to pay attention to smooth the texture of your skin? (which can be considered as the base of your perfect make-up.) So, from now on, try to make your skin beautiful with just simple lifestyle, professional pore care, and food control!

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