Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Beautiful appearance, it is an universal condition that makes men's hearts thrilling. It is a fact that the beauty is obviously a favorable condition for women, especially in successful dating and even marriage. But, it can be seen from various cases around us that it is not everything.

There are women who are NOT physically and objectively beautiful but are constantly receiving courtships from many guys. And many girls would wonder like, "What is the secret?" On the other hand, there are women who fail in their relationships or marriages even though they are very beautiful that everyone acknowledges.

So, it is a fact that whether an individual is physically beautiful or has a lot of popularity or not, it is still difficult to control the others’ mind, feeling, or love. Is there a secret to attract the others? "Yakson house" will tell you the secrets of successful love and marriage.

"For men and women who just start their relationship, it is important to see each other frequently, and here, have PRETTY LIPS AND MOUTH!”

It is natural that beautiful women are popular among guys. If you ask a Korean man about his or her ideal type, most of the answer is "pretty and good girl." As such, beauty is a favorable condition of love and marriage, but if you’re not satisfied of your physical appearance, be a woman who can warmly speak and smile. The little effort and attention moves a man's heart.

What is the most wise way to start and maintain a relationship? It is simply to meet regularly and frequently. This is the reason why the characters of all films and dramas continue to meet each other, when they first start their relationships.

The best way to keep the relationship for long time is to “act like your partner.” It is better “not to do what he/she dislikes” than to do what she/he likes. To do that, following everything of your partner is the trick to do what he/she does not like.

Also, it is better not to mention about the events that happened in the past. It is a fact that the man's real intention is "I want my woman to be pure." Finally, it is good to give your partner “the tension” by raising my value.

Most of the guys want girls with beautiful “eyes.” But, the woman whom they want to be together for a long time is the women with beautiful “lips and mouth”. Most of the men has infatuation for the eyes of women, when they first start love, but the more they have conversations with each other, the more he likes the girl with pretty lips and mouth.

Falling in love is a kind of mental illnesses. The relationship between men and women is a complex of emotions, such as excitement, love, jealousy, and anger. If you look scientifically, it is even more mysterious because it is an incomprehensible phenomenon that one’s brain can’t explain with simple words.

Let us be wise and charming women, following the descriptions mentioned above. Even if you do not have a doll like appearance, you will be able to open the second part of your life with a successful and lasting love and even marriage.

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