Monday, September 25, 2017


As more and more women are seeking for nice and hot body nowadays, they are gradually making their diet plans.

The easiest mistake to make a diet plan is the “fast weight loss in a short period.” For this, those dieters sometimes force themselves to starve or to exercise excessively which results health problems. Bad eating habits, such as eating only one specific food, or eating diet food only instead of regular meals, can also cause yo-yo syndrome.

The best aesthetic company, "Yakson" will tell you the side effects of excessive diet and how to do healthy diet.

Adverse effects of immoderate diet on health

A typical side effect of a starving-diet is calcium deficiency. This is a major cause of decreased bone density and the loss of bone density easily leads one exposed to the bone disease. In addition, iron deficiency produces side effects such as anemia. In addition, the functions of internal organs get weakened, causing constipation, tinnitus, depression, hair loss and other diseases.

In addition, excessive diets may cause gastrointestinal problems, resulting in bad breath. The bad breath caused by irregular eating habits are not easily solved by brushing or mouthwash.

What is a healthy diet?

The most desirable diet is to burn body fat. Even the two persons having same weight seem to be different because the amount of body fat varies. If you are on a starving type of diet, you will lose a lot of body weight in the beginning, but actually you lose “moisture.” Therefore, it is necessary to carry out aerobic exercise for more than an hour, and consecutive three days or more, with balanced eating habits.

Rather than just reducing the amount of food, it can be an effective way to gradually get habit of minimizing and slowly-eating food. It is recommended that you eat as usual, but reduce the amount of food to 1/3, and do not eat after 6 pm. There is also a way to eat healthy snacks such as nuts instead of sweets or ice creams.

When on the diet, the most important thing is to drink water from time to time. Water is beneficial to human body as it is considered as “cure-all.” If you drink water 30 minutes before your meal, you will feel full so it will help your diet. However, drinking water right after meal is not good for your health.

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