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Women who have big belly sometimes receive this kind of question, “Miss, are you pregnant?”

A woman with a lot of belly or love handles, has limitation when choosing her cloths or fashion items.

Even though she wants to wear a tight fitting dress, there comes an inconvenience of wearing a corset or compressing stockings because of the big belly that is reminiscent of a pregnant woman.

If the abdominal obesity becomes serious, there will be an unexpected episode, such as being given stranger’s seat when using public transportation, due to the pregnant-woman-like figure

If you do not want your style to be limited by your shape, or if you do not want others to misunderstand you, check out these “ways to escape the abdominal obesity” right now.

What are The Causes of Abdominal Obesity?

Irregular eating habits, stress caused by overeating, and binge eating are the biggest causes of abdominal obesity. In addition, eating meat, flour, salty and strong-tasting food accumulate visceral fat, which is a shortcut to abdominal obesity. Aside from that, genetic causes, persistent alcohol consumption, and smoking also cause visceral fat and subcutaneous fat to expand waist line.

Visceral fat is the fat that accumulates in the internal organs of human body and subcutaneous fat is the fat that accumulates under the dermal layer of the skin. In order to accurately diagnose the cause of abdominal obesity, it is important to make sure whether the increased waist size is due to visceral fat or subcutaneous fat.

Effects of Abdominal Obesity on Health?

Korean women who have over 85cm waist circumference are considered to have the abdominal obesity.
Abdominal obesity causes metabolic problems and puts stress on your health. The most common illness is constipation. Other diseases include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colorectal cancer, disc, etc.

In severe cases, abnormal blood circulation, caused by the abdominal obesity also affects the uterus that increases the risk of uterine disease. As a result, abdominal obesity is the source of all diseases by restricting the activity of the internal organs.

What are the Daily Habits that Prevent the Abdominal Obesity?

The most important thing is to change your eating habits. It is important to eat breakfast. When you skip your breakfast, your body will continue to be in the state of fasting / starving for a very long time. That is the reason why your body will need more sugar and fat that will finally be accumulated in your body. As a result, the abdominal obesity rate increases up to 30% higher than those who eat regular meals (3 meals) a day.

If you do not have enough time to have your breakfast in the morning, boiled eggs, milk, bananas, apples and other foods are suggested to save your time. Also, it is better to drink warm water and tea from time to time rather than just drink cold water.

It is also helpful to have aerobic exercises together with regular eating habits. Power walking, swimming, jogging, rope jumping and other aerobic exercise are very effective for the visceral abdominal obesity. Also, it is good to do the exercises in daily life such as light freehand gymnastics, sit-ups, etc. If you do not have enough time to work out due to your busy work, I recommend you to be supervised by an expert.

Yakson’s Care Program to Escape from the Abdominal Obesity

Yakson’s Skim Belly Care - abdominal care focused on cellulite removing. The fat will be lost and the functions of the organs become active. In addition, it gives a slim waist line that can be visually seen and provides elasticity on your skin. Above all, the pelvis will be corrected and the whole body line will be balanced.

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