Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Among the wrinkles, which are naturally occurring as people get older, there are people who have significantly deep and obvious “smile lines” (nasolabial folds).

The smile lines are hard to cover even with makeup, and they can give the impression that the person looks stubborn and older, which is considered as a problem not only for women but also for men.

Let's look at the causes of deep smile lines and ways to treat them, together with "Yakson House".

It is natural to have wrinkles as getting older, but wrinkles are a fatal enemy of anti-aging. The smile lines are not only difficult to cover with make-up, but also give a strong impression and stubborn appearance.

The causes of smile lines can be found not only in simple aging but also in the wrong habits of one’s life style. The habit of sleeping on one's stomach down that the cheeks get crumpled and the habit of using a high pillow are the worse postures to generate deep smile lines. Also, the habit of supporting jaw or the habit of pouting mouth cause smile lines.

To prevent having deep smile lines, it is best to take a sleep with a low pillow, lie down properly looking at the ceiling. It is good to refrain from frowning or making excessive facial expressions.

The progress of the smile lines also affects the skin condition. If your skin is dry and lacking elasticity, it can be one reason to encourage wrinkle formation. That is why, it is advisable to drink water from time to time and adjust the moisture and oil balance to maintain a resilient skin condition.

Also, avoid smoking and frequent chewing of hard foods. It is suggested to consume broccoli (Nutritious and good for preventing wrinkles), spinach (rich vitamin A and C), and beans (have excellent antioxidant effect and anthocyanin pigments which prevent skin aging).

Together with these home cares, more and more people these days are receiving help from experts. Aside from getting Botox injection or the other various treatments, the V-line lifting care in Yakson House, is favored by people in different age groups, especially from 20s to 50s. 

This program helps in skin re-generation and elasticity. It helps not only the shape of face but also the relief of wrinkles, which can be a great help in preventing and alleviating aging.

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