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During the summer, the dress of people gets shorter and thinner. Also, many women want to wear sleeveless clothes that are cool and nice. It is time to pay attention to the hair care that has grown in various parts of your body as well as the extra flab that have been hidden in your clothes.

These days, the hair removal trends have led to “bikini-line hair removal” and “Brazilian hair removal” aside from the basic arms and legs hair removal. Also, men tend to have hair removal to have good-looking and neat/clean appearance.
Today, Yakson will advise on “hair removal”, which is considered to be an etiquette to become a sensible modern man.
Few years ago, “hair removal” was considered as an optional beauty treatment in Korea. But now, even the invisible bikini-line and Brazilian, are becoming a trend that must be proceeded before summer, as well as arms and legs.  

So, what are the specific ways of hair removal? There are laser treatment, tweezers that can easily be done at home, and the waxing using warm and natural wax.

Hair removal using a razor has the advantage that it can be painlessly and easily done, but it has the disadvantage that the hair can be thicker and the duration is not that long. When using tweezers, it is important that it should be pulled 90 degrees so that hair root is not cut off. If the hair root is not completely removed, the hair may become rough and thick and it is difficult to see the semi-permanent effect of hair-removal.

It is important to make and keep the skin layer healthy during self-hair-removing. You should rub the part of your skin (the hair removal part) to stimulate, so that the skin circulation will be smooth and nutrition will be provided to your skin. When doing the massage, it is good to do it a bit hard, like your skin becomes slightly reddish, and it is good to apply nutritional serum or essence on your skin.

Other methods of hair removal include waxing and laser treatment. The duration of the effect of waxing is about 3 weeks and the pain is followed, but after 5 times or more, the hair roots will be removed and the hair will get thinner that the part your skin gets clean. After waxing, the skin is irritated and special care is required. Use a scrub agent to remove dead skin cells and apply moisturizing products to dry skin after waxing.

Finally, laser hair removal is usually performed in the dermatology. The laser is absorbed by the hair melanin pigment and the light turns into heat energy to destroy the hair. If the procedure is performed 5 times as usual package, 80 ~ 90% of your hair is permanently removed and the pain is also less. However, a person with a weak skin may have a risk of burning so consulting the dermatologist is required, before you proceed to the laser treatment. Moreover, when hot summer begins, inflammation is likely to occur after hair removal. 
Following the tips mentioned above, try to become a sensible 'hot guy' or 'pretty woman' through the hair removal suitable for you!

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