Hello girls!

It's getting super hot outside.
So, a lot of you must be worried about being in the strong sun.
Here comes the tips for sun care!

Getting an adequate amount of sunlight helps 
your bone to be stronger and your body to absorb calcium
because of the increase of vitamin D in our body

However, the sunlight can cause skin aging,  skin cancer, and etc
when you are exposed to it for a long time.

Ultraviolet rays, often called UV rays, can be divided into
three different types, which is

A, B, C. 

Only A and B affects people.

A accelerates skin aging such as 
wrinkles, pigmentation, fall of elasticity.

B is the one that burns the skin in a short time.

How to Use the Sunscreen Smart

1. Apply the sunscreen 30 mins before you go outside.

2. It will keep doing its job as long as you reapply every 2 or 3 hours.

3. About a coin size of sunscreen should be applied evenly.

SPF of sunscreen represents 
how long the sunscreen can protect the skin.

SPF 20 can protect the skin for 400 mins,
which is more than 6 hours.

PA means Protection Grade of UV-A.

UV-A accelerates darkening of the skin, wrinkles, and skin aging.
Out of these three, PA+, ++, +++,
PA +++ is the one that can protect your skin for a longer time. 

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