[Yakson House] How couples in Korea spend their Christmas/face resizing care

Christmas is about 3 days away. 

You can see Christmas decorations wherever you go. 

I assume many people have plans for Christmas. 

Especially, if you are a couple, you are probably expecting a romantic date. 

Let's find out where couples in Korea go to spend their romantic Christmas day!

1. Myeongdong, Korea

In, Myeongdong, you can perfectly feel and smell Christmas. 

You can see beautiful Christmas lights along the street and you can do christmas 

shopping at the same time! ^^ 

The only thing that you should know about is this place will be packed with so many 

people on Christmas. If you are looking to dine at nice restaurants, I recommend you to 

plan ahead and make a reservation. 

2. Amusement park

In Amusement park, you can see various street performances and Christmas parade. 

Every year, Lotte World and Everland are crowded with so many people to watch this 

Christmas parade. These parades excite people and plus, you can get on some fun 


3. Herb Island in Pochun. 

In Pochun Herb Island, Christmas Light Festival is so popular. 

When you walk in the beautiful lights and get some fresh air, You will feel like you are in 

fairy tail story. It will also calm you down. 

I strongly recommend to visit here. 

4. Watching various Christmas musical or movies. 

You can watch musical or movies on another days besides Christmas. 

However, there tend to be more variety of performances during Christmas season. 

So, you should check it out. 

5. Christmas Party

I think it is a good idea to gather some good friends, lovers and family and throw a 

Christmas Party. 

You can get cozy around them and blow your stress away by having delicious food and 

a nice talk.

I know a lot of people look good for their Christmas plans. 

Yakson House can upgrade your look and prepare for your perfect date!

Yakson House's face resizing program totally takes care of your face for 

perfect condition. 


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