[Yakson House] Result of clinical trial Face Resizing by Golki therapy

<<Impact Gol-ki Therapy has on facial asymmetry>>

Byeng Cheol Lee, Hyoun Sook Kim, Bong In Kim
Yakson House, Co.Ltd., Department of Beauty and Art, Suwon Women's College

This study has been conducted to find out the effect Gol-ki therapy has on right
and left facial symmetry. For clinical human trials, 16 subjects, 20-35 year old
males and females, were selected according to the clinical research facility's standardized procedures of subject qualification criteria. From January 1st to March 15th, 2013, 16 subjects were provided with 20 Gol-ki therapy sessions within 10 weeks. Gol-ki therapy's effect was evaluated after administration in the same environment for 20 sessions, within the span of 10 weeks. Facial asymmetry in 2 dimensional right and left comparison improved by 14.06%, EX-AI and Ch-Go symmetry reduced by each 1.34mm, 3.13mm, thus showing that Gol-ki therapy has an impact on facial right and left asymmetry. Addtionally, Gol-ki therapy subjects positively rated customer
satisfaction categories at an average of 3.5.


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