Monday, April 1, 2019


There are people who have skinny or normal upper body, but are overweight in the lower body.

Of course, overall obesity is a problem, but many women feel stressed by overweight in the lower body.

Why especially women have the lower body obesity than men and how can we lose weight in the lower body? Let’s have a look!

There are a lot of men who worry about their belly, but men with overweight in the lower body are rare. However, there are plenty of women with complex because of their fat legs than their upper body. The reason for this difference by gender is because of 'hormone'.

Female hormones, which are the main cause of lower body obesity, increase fat cells and accumulate fat in the hips or thighs, which is the closest part to the genitalia. This is also deeply related to the pregnancy of women.

Women’s body in their childbearing years, try to accumulate fat in the hips and thigh when extra nutrition comes into the body. For this reason, when women undergo menopause, they usually lose the weight in the lower body.

Another cause of lower body obesity is because of wrong eating habits. If people enjoy spicy and salty foods, the foods may gather moisture in the body and people can easily have edema.
Cold foods also interfere with blood circulation in the lower body and cause lower body obesity.

Lower body obesity’s main cause is the characteristic of female hormones, which is the accumulation of remaining nutrients in the body. So it is important to eat a small amount of food regularly. And for well digestion, please avoid rich food and drink warm ginseng tea or cinnamon tea.

It is difficult to lose weight in the lower body by doing exercise. Even if you lose weight through exercise, muscles may grow and you may have another problem. This is why many people feel difficult to lose their weight in especially the lower body. Massage is a complement to remedy the exercise’s shortcomings.  the disadvantage of this exercise.

Massage, which does not allow the muscles to attach but has exercise effect, is considered to be the most effective method of losing weight in the lower body.   

Specialized methods for overweight in the lower body are Yakson Beauty’s pelvic care and slim legs care. Especially pelvic care is good for not only reducing weight in the lower body but also helping lower body’s blood circulation, improving kidney, bladder and uterine function.

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