Friday, January 4, 2019


Hello, this is YAKSON BEAUTY.

The end of the year has already passed and the new year has begun, there are many and the beginning of the new year, there are many social gatherings.
Especially beer is light, but when you drink some beer, you probably feel so full.
Moreover, once the lid is removed, the original flavor of the beer is easily disappeared.

So, today, I want to look at some useful ways to use the flat beer.

 How to use flat beer 1.

Oil removal
Alcohol in beer is effective in removing oil stains.
After cooking, rub the stained gas stove with a sponge and the flat beer, then after 5 minutes, wipe it with dry cloth, and it will be transformed into a clean gas stove.

How to Use flat beer 2.

Plant fertilizer
If you love planting, you can use the flat beer as fertilizer.
You can sprinkle the remaining beer on the plants. Beer has a role as carbohydrate that can be ingested by microorganisms in the soil, which in turn transforms to the fertilizer for the plant. In addition, you can wipe the dust of the leaves with a cloth that is dampened with beer, and it will be glittering. 

How to use flat beer 3.

When cooking
Beer is also effective in removing odors.
If you pour some beer when you boil the meat, beer helps remove odor of the meat. Also, when you roast the meat, put the meet in beer for about 10 minutes before you roast it. When you fry, mix beer and water at the same rate, then knead and fry, batter will be crispier.

How to use flat beer 4.

When you wash your body
The beer that contains yeast is rich in protein, so it helps to smooth the dull hair.
So if you have any remaining beer, mix it with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and use it when you wash your hair, you can see a noticeable difference. The beer is also excellent for the removal of skin wastes.

How to use flat beer 5.

Stain removal of leather products
The 'hops' in the beer has the property of strengthening the fiber structure and returning it to its original color.
So, if you wipe the leather surface gently with a cloth that is dampened with beer, you can regain the glittering shine. However, natural leather products might be stained.  

Please be sure to keep the remaining beer from now on and use it as needed.

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