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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Time sure flies so fast!! I'm already halfway through my Small Face Care Program!
If you guys are following me on instagram and view my ig stories, you may be aware that I'm a very foodie person like I eat a lot, when I say a lot, it reallyyy is A LOOOOT. lol My body don't get fat that much but it goes all to my cheeks lels. I think its because of my 7 to 8 hours commute a day that I'm always hungry :(. I live in Malabon and work in Mckinley hahaha good thing Yakson is located in Makati because it is on the way to work. I feel guilty because of that since I want to have slimmer face but I eat too much. But I am really amazed with Yakson's Golki therapy since it focuses on massaging the bones, I can see the improvement it has done to my face, jawline and cheeks after several sessions. Added to that, they also have other procedures to make the face/cheeks slimmer which includes suction and skin care. You read it right! Skin Care?? They have a face mask that also helps in slimming the face. It is made up of 30 Korean herbal ingredients design to tighten and firm facial skin which I also already mentioned in my earlier post.
Random Selfie from one of my visits hehe

Starting my fourth session, back care or back massage was removed from the procedure and it was replaced by the chest and stomach massage. Ms. Kim Yu Min did the chest and stomach/tummy massage to me. The chest massage helps the blood circulation around the breast making them firmer and rounder. The stomach massage helps the tummy to get flatter. While on the process of stomach massage, Ms. Kim Yu Min repeatedly asked me to inhale and exhale to synchronize with her massage technique. After 3 sessions of stomach massage I felt that my tummy became less bloated than before.
Aside from their signature massage programs, I must say that they are also good at Skin Care!! As a matter of fact, some of their customer go there specifically for skin care. Every session I had with them has a corresponding Skin Care routine.

My face covered with Modeling mask

Modeling mask:

This feels really cool on the face. The eyes were also covered by the rubber mask. It is the first time that I tried this kind of mask so I am not really knowledgeable about this but I know that this has a lot of benefits. One article I've read says:
"The benefit of having a heavy layer of mask on your face is that it delivers whatever treatment—brightening, anti-aging, hydration, detoxifying, antioxidants, and collagen—in a form that presses itself onto your skin so the treatment can penetrate without evaporating. So your skin basically has no choice but to absorb it. Korean skincare tends to want to hydrate and moisturize more than strip of oils. The best way to do this would be to control not only how to get the treatment into your skin, but also how to prevent any loss in the application process." [1]
Salt Therapy
Salt Therapy:
Before doing this skin care, Ms. Kim told me that she will do a salt therapy to my face to calm my skin and pimples. She showed me the salt that she will use to me which is a special sea salt. While applying this to my face, she is also massaging it gently and delicately in all parts of my face. After the massage, she put some liquid to my face, covered with plaster and left it for 15 to 20 minutes. The following day, I've felt that my skin really calmed and my pimples are drying. So my conclusion is it's really effective!! I salute Yakson for this.
Thirty Mask
Thirty mask:
This is the second time they applied this mask to me. As I've said in my recent post, this mask was made from 30 plants which is for slimming the face. [2]
Ston Massage
Stone Massage:
This is a new treatment I have received from Yakson. This is a very relaxing massage! As you can see from the picture, they use stone to massage the face. It is a combination of hot and cold stone massage. They first apply the cold stone to my face and it feels really cool and smooth on the face. They alternatively massaged my face with hot and cold stone.
After all the massage procedures and facial mask, they apply toner, essence, sunblock and BB cream to my face which is really great because Yakson House really give you their best in every session/visit you will have with them.
EOS Beaute's BB Cream and sunblock from Yakson 
Their Sunblock and BB Cream was really a must try!! After using their products, I felt that my skin is protected and the BB cream looks also good on my face. It has good coverage and longevity.
Eos beaute is Yakson-franchised cosmetic brand, franchises with 4 decades of Yakson skin care expertise😊💕 Their sunblock and blemish balm cream is directly sourced from Korea! It is made of herbal ingredients that makes it safe for every day use! It also has ultra fine mineral particle compound that will cover your skin evenly for that natural color and glow! Visit Yakson Makati branch and you may get the BLEMISH BALM for only Php 2,000 and the Sun Cream for Php 1,500!
Visit their website 🇰🇷🖥
I am still amazed with Yakson House's flawless service and procedure. After 6 sessions, my jawline and chin were now more v-line and my double chin will soon be totally gone. Even after I finish my 10 sessions with them, I would definitely come back with their great service!!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Hi everyone! I'm back~ Today I'm going to share my 2nd and 3rd session of Yakson's Small Face Care program. Here's my selfie before and after changing into this cute yellow robe on my 2nd session:

On my 3rd session, I was able to take photos outside since I went there earlier than my appointment time which is 2pm. 

The interior of Yakson Myunga gives me good vibes and calming aura. It feels really great to see this before the session start.

This time, I was also able to take photos of the waiting area and massage room.

I was asked to change into these: Yellow robe and shorts.

Just like my first session, the procedure started by cleansing, back massage and shoulder massage. The pain of the back massage was now more tolerable than the first time I experienced it since I already said in my first blog post that I'm not a back massage person haha but it is now a combination of tolerable pain and pleasure.

Vacuum Suction:
Another procedure was added on my 2nd and 3rd session which was Vacuum Suction.

Miss Lisa told me that Vacuum Suction helps improve blood circulation in the face which will also help in losing facial fats. It was not painful it just feels like some mini vacuum sucking over the face with the use of Air. Miss Ana was the one who did the suction to me. Aside from my face, my neck, shoulders and the fat in my underarm was also suctioned. I think the procedure they are doing varies based on what's best for the person, since I've read different reviews and they have different ways of applying their procedures to us. For more information about what is Vacuum suction andnits benefits, I've read some useful articles in the Internet:

"Vacuum suction also known as vacuum massage was used to improve circulation, remove waste products, break down fat and plump up underdeveloped or hollow parts of the body. It was used on the face to draw blood to the surface to improve sallow complexons and reduce wrinkles, on the neck to reduce double chins, and on the body to assist with weight loss." [1]

"Vacuum Suction is the mechanical method of lymphatic drainage, removing waste products and toxins from the skin, and effectively deep cleansing the skin.  This product can be used for skincare at home, but is mainly used in the a beauty salon as it would be easier if someone else was doing the treatment for you.  If you would like that glowing skin of youth, this machine will give you that.
The Vacuum suction machine has an electrically driven vacuum pump, connected to  perspex or glass attachments, called ‘ventouse’, by flexible plastic tubing.  The ventouse come in a variety of shapes.  The pump draws in air from the ventouse, causing air pressure beneath to be reduced, and so forming a partial vacuum.  This lifts the skin tissue underneath into the ventouse.  The ventouse have holes in them.  The finger is held over this hole to create the vacuum suction, and removed after each stroke, to release the vacuum suction.  Vacuum suction, with a pulsating action, is very beneficial to wrinkled or mature skin, and to give a glowing skin,  As the vacuum is less stimulating, being intermittent.  Two ventouses are used in this instance, one on either side of the face, working in unison.  Frequency and pulse width can be adjusted for different areas of the face, and for all skin types.
When used correctly, vacuum suction treatment is very gentle, but effective, and very relaxing.  Vacuum suction cups are used and directed to the lymph nodes, in the face and neck. This will reinforce the bodies natural draining ability, by the lymphatic system, in the removal of waste products.  Good results will be seen after a course of treatments.  It is especially effective on cellulite." [2]

After that, the Golki therapy started.

Golki therapy:

Ms. Kim Min Yu while doing golki therapy.

She's massaging my bones in the face and also the skull. It is also a little bit painful but tolerable. Since I am really dedicated to this Small Face Program of Yakson I couldn't care less if it is painful lol. I tend to ignore the pain hahaha and I trust director Kim, which is a licensed Golki Therapist from Korea. I know that I am in good hands so I am not scared of the outcome.

Skin Care:

My face was prepped again with toner, essence, serum and etc. after the facial bone massage. Adding to that, I was given a facial mask which they will leave to my face for 15 to 20 minutes. On my second session, the thirty mask was applied to my face. According to Ms. Lisa, this thirty mask was made from 30 plants which is for slimming the face. On my third session, Aloe vera mask was applied to me.

Thirty facial mask
Aloe vera facial mask


After my 2nd and 3rd session, I already feel the improvement on my face and some people already noticed that my face have already become smaller than before. But we'll see~ I believe visible results can be seen on the proceeding sessions so just keep posted to know more!

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Thursday, January 10, 2019


Yakson Beauty Small Face Care: First Session😎

Hi, everyone. I am excited to tell you that I was announced as the newest beauty editor of Yakson House Makati!!!! I am sooo excited to share to all of you my journey to have a smaller face since it was my insecurity ever since. A lot of people who knows me always say that I have chubby face even though I have a slim body. Most of them also say that all the food I take goes straight to my face!! >.< And since you guys know that I just graduated last year from University of Santo Tomas with bachelor of science in Electronics Engineering, I was really busy back then to even care about my face, diet and skin care routine. This is really a great opportunity to take care of my face and body. 

So before I start my first session review, I would like to share a brief info about Yakson House or Yakson Myunga.

Yakson means Mother's hand. I believe their clinic was named like that because they offer non-surgical and non-invasive procedures with only the use of the hand.

They are also the first company in the beauty industry to acquire Korea Service Quality Excellent Enterprise Certification.

Golki Therapy:

Yakson's specialty is Golki Therapy which was invented in 1979 by Chairman Lee Byeong-cheol based on the principle of bone tonification.

Golki Therapy is an all-new therapy method that combines the healthcare technique of promoting circulation by stimulating bones manually with aesthetics programs. It is also dubbed as K-Therapy as it encompasses the long history and culture of Korea.

Golki Therapy involves stimulating of the bones through the skin, promoting circulation, improving supply of nutrients and discharge of wastes. Golki therapy is designed to restore health and bring about beautiful changes in your body.

My first session started last Saturday, which is October 6, 2028. The Yakson Beauty in the Philippines is located at C4 Perla Mansion 117 Don C Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines which was managed by Director Kim Yu Min.

Hi! I'm Yakson's Beauty Editor~~❤️

I'm going to start with the accessibility of the place:
Yakson Makati is located near Greenbelt (walking distance and just a few blocks away) so it is very easy to find. If you will bring a car, you can park in front of the street or just park in Greenbelt just to be sure hehe.


The ambiance is really great. The place is neat and relaxing. I love hearing relaxing songs while I am at the massage area. The waiting area is very spacious and convenient for my companion to stay since they can read magazine or drink water and etc while waiting.

The treatment started by cleansing the face to remove the makeup and dirt on the face.
While cleansing the face

My face was prepped with toner after the cleansing.

Back Massage:
Back Massage

After cleansing, the back massage started. I was asked to lie down on the bed as seen in the picture. I was given a full back and head massage which is very relaxing and a little bit painful but bearable. I think that's what I felt because I am not used to being massaged on the back and I also don't exercise. But overall it was great.

Shoulder Massage:
Shoulder Massage

The next one is shoulder massage, I have a very stiff shoulder so I think this is a good start to fix my bad posture.

Golki Therapy:

After the back and shoulder massage, I was hand over to Ms. Kim Yu Min which is the director and owner of Yakson PH and also a licensed Golki therapist. She is very kind and approachable. The face massage is a little bit painful but tolerable. I think it will only be painful at first but I believe my facial bone will get used to it on the proceeding sessions. Ms. Kim applied pressure to parts of my face. Putting pressure loosens the tightness of the face and improves facial blood circulation. I trust Yakson because I've seen  the results to others and it is really amazing!

Molding Mask:

After the Golki Therapy, my face was cleansed again preparing it for the molding mask. This is done during the first and last session in order to compare the changes and improvement of Yakson's Small Face Care program. My face was covered with gauze before the white mask was applied and left to dry for fifteen minutes. As the mask was drying, my face felt warmer but later on it felt cool. After the mask got completely dried, it was removed and for the last step, they started to clean my face again. They also applied skin care products including essence.

After I got out of the massage room, they showed me the dried mask of my facial structure. I was asked to signed it with my name and date as well.

And that's how my Yakson's Small Face Care journey started~~ Watch out for my future posts to see the results and improvements until my 10th session. 😍💝

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*The original post is from YAKSON's beauty editor, Sharmainder's blog.

Friday, January 4, 2019


Hello, this is YAKSON BEAUTY.

The end of the year has already passed and the new year has begun, there are many and the beginning of the new year, there are many social gatherings.
Especially beer is light, but when you drink some beer, you probably feel so full.
Moreover, once the lid is removed, the original flavor of the beer is easily disappeared.

So, today, I want to look at some useful ways to use the flat beer.

 How to use flat beer 1.

Oil removal
Alcohol in beer is effective in removing oil stains.
After cooking, rub the stained gas stove with a sponge and the flat beer, then after 5 minutes, wipe it with dry cloth, and it will be transformed into a clean gas stove.

How to Use flat beer 2.

Plant fertilizer
If you love planting, you can use the flat beer as fertilizer.
You can sprinkle the remaining beer on the plants. Beer has a role as carbohydrate that can be ingested by microorganisms in the soil, which in turn transforms to the fertilizer for the plant. In addition, you can wipe the dust of the leaves with a cloth that is dampened with beer, and it will be glittering. 

How to use flat beer 3.

When cooking
Beer is also effective in removing odors.
If you pour some beer when you boil the meat, beer helps remove odor of the meat. Also, when you roast the meat, put the meet in beer for about 10 minutes before you roast it. When you fry, mix beer and water at the same rate, then knead and fry, batter will be crispier.

How to use flat beer 4.

When you wash your body
The beer that contains yeast is rich in protein, so it helps to smooth the dull hair.
So if you have any remaining beer, mix it with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and use it when you wash your hair, you can see a noticeable difference. The beer is also excellent for the removal of skin wastes.

How to use flat beer 5.

Stain removal of leather products
The 'hops' in the beer has the property of strengthening the fiber structure and returning it to its original color.
So, if you wipe the leather surface gently with a cloth that is dampened with beer, you can regain the glittering shine. However, natural leather products might be stained.  

Please be sure to keep the remaining beer from now on and use it as needed.