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Good Day, Yakson Beauties!

Today, one blogger’s Yakson experience will be introduced to you. Let’s check out together the reason why Yakson is loved by many people in different countries. The effects of Yakson programs have been proven by many bloggers who have reported that the service was great or outstanding. So, let’s now take a look at one blogger’s previous review of Facial Balance Care!

I recently signed up for 10 weekly sessions of Yakson House in Makati's FACIAL BALANCE CARE program, shortly after my 10-session LEG CARE program concluded.

The Facial Balance Care program encompasses not only the face but also the chest, shoulders, ribcage, stomach, waist, upper hip/pelvis, back, and head – pretty much your entire upper body.

It is mentioned that all program contents can be changed by customer’s condition. Moreover, they provide customized care of skin care (moisturizing, lifting) and bone therapy (face) according to one’s skin and face shape!

In general, Facial Balance Care is a combination of Yakson House's FACE RESIZING CARE + BELLY CARE + BACK CARE package.

It aims to correct the body and face’s symmetry and balance, which over the years can become uneven due to old age, muscle stress, or physical pressure.

The most evident result of the therapy is the resizing or reshaping of the face. With Yakson House’s aesthetic bone therapy, the size of the face can be reduced by a maximum of 22.21%, or reshaped to look more symmetrical – para hindi tabingi, or to make it smaller and more oval-shaped.

It can also improve facial features, such as the cheek bones, jawline, and nose bridge, among others, to make them more or less prominent.

Additionally, the belly massage that comes with the program improves digestion and helps flush away excess fats in the waist area to help maintain a flat bikini-ready tummy - which is what attracted me to sign up, to tell you the truth.

Results and procedure vary depending on the person’s bone structure. Yakson House’s Korean therapist assessed my face and said that while I may have a very small face, my facial symmetry can still be improved. Oh what the hell, I am a willing human guinea pig! :p

Yakson House boasts of its non-invasive, non-surgical procedure despite its retokada results. It makes use of the Golki bone therapy which is a massage technique that presses the therapist's bones against yours to fully reshape the skeletal structure and consequently, the muscles. It is unique to Yakson House and unlike in your usual massage or spa salons, it is more intensive and painful based on my experience.

1. The procedure starts with a chest massage
2. Belly and rib massage, which also includes the waist and upper pelvis area. I don’t work-out or exercise so this is really helpful in keeping my waist small and my stomach flat. Sometimes I find the belly massage really painful, as if someone is persistently stabbing me in the middle of my stomach with a wooden pole, but I just keep telling myself “Para sa tyan pang-artista! Kaya ko toh!”
3. Shoulder and neck massage
4. Hot towel/compress on shoulder and neck
5. Facial cleansing
6. Hot towel facial
7. Moisturizing facial
8. Fat suction (using a suction machine) on the shoulders and face.
9. Cold towel/compress on the face
10. Intense face and head massage. This is where all hell breaks loose. Sometimes I think my Korean therapist secretly hates me and wants me to cry blood.
11. Facial and neck mask (for 20 minutes)
12. Facial cleanse
13. Cold towel/compress
14. Moisturizer
15. Hydrolyzing cream for the eyes
16. Whitening essence for the face
17. BB Cream (if you have plans to go out after your massage session)
18. Arm stretch
19. Back massage, to finally end the session.

I'm already down to my 4th weekly session. So far, the experience is excruciatingly relaxing. Excruciating because it’s painful but for some reason, I get so relaxed that halfway through it, I fall asleep–-while I’m in pain! I'll let you guys see the final result after my last session.

5,500 PhP / 1 session
37,000 PhP / 10 sessions
75,000 PhP / 20 sessions

The rate may be a little steep for some, but if you visit Yakson House in Makati today, you can avail of their 10+1 or 20+3 free sessions on any of their aesthetic programs.

*To see more evident results, one is advised to undergo 10-20 sessions.

2 hrs - 2 hrs 30 mins.

G4 PERLA MANSION 117 Don C. Palanca. St. Legaspi Village, Makati City, near Greenbelt 1 and union Church.

Landline: (02)8929441 / Mobile: 09054393761
Visit their website for more info.

 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441
 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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