Thursday, March 15, 2018


There are Yakson’s programs – Body Golki Care, Pretty Body Care, Pretty Legs Care, Back Care;
which are suitable for men.
Doesn’t your boyfriend always possess
slightly bent posture when he plays computer games
or walk beside you?
If such habit is just neglected, this might cause
the tendency that his height would be shorter
and his bone health would be worse.

So, let’s find out what Yakson programs will help
the man’s right posture in order to maintain
his nice figure, body shape and health.

Body Golki Care

If your boyfriend/husband wants to be taller, it is recommended to have this program. By having this care, the physical condition will be lively and well-balanced. Moreover, it improves one’s energy and blood circulation that one’s look would be younger.

Pretty Body Care

Doesn’t your boyfriend look nice in his outfit? Then try to introduce this program. It corrects less-attractive body shape and not-straight arms and legs. Moreover, if he concerns about the fat part of his body, it will greatly help him cope with such problem.

Pretty Legs Care

Does your boyfriend/husband have bad posture or bad habit when he is walking (walk in zigzags)? Then it might cause bowed legs! Try to maintain his overall body health through this care. It also improves the condition of dislocated joints and short lower body.

Back Care

If your boyfriend/husband over-enjoys computer games or reading books, there is high tendency that he would have rounded shoulder. This care treats shoulder pain, crooked back, back fat and the pain caused by stress.

So far, you’ve seen the programs
that improve your man’s overall physical health.
Yakson’s care not only treats the body health,
but also treats the mind.
Why don’t you present such valuable moments
to your loved one?

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