Friday, March 2, 2018


When you think of facial massage, especially “meridian massage,” what comes to your mind?
In Korea, many people think of Yakson House, as it is the main icon of meridian massage. It is reported that there is an immediate difference after receiving the program of Yakson House.

The famous beauty therapy brand "Yaksoon House" is located at: G4, Perla Mansion, 117 Don C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Philippines. It is famous for its bone massage therapies.
If you want to experience the best Korean beauty therapy, it is recommended to visit Yakson House which is well-known in South Korea already.
Yakson provides differentiated services that boost your natural beauty.

If you visit Yakson House, you can see the clean and tidy facility first!

A lot of customers are enthusiastic about the "Face Resizing Care."
Most people who have already experienced this care have responded that the overall face size has actually decreased. Moreover, according to statistical data, customers with imbalanced right and left faces have got 98% symmetrical in 20 times of the program.

It also provides longer and systematic services compared to other general massage shops.

Let's take a moment to look at one customer's review of Yakson’s program.

The foot and pelvic care provided by the therapist of Yakson House.
I have received intensive care for shinbones and hip joints. It felt really awesome.

The therapist pushed my pelvic bones hard as a part of the body meridians. The power of the bone therapy was great.

The more it is painful, the less your body is balanced...!
I had a different position on both pelvis, but it was amazing to see and feel that the therapist was adjusting my pelvis as the program proceeded.

The next step was the “Back Care.”

My lumbar spinal muscles were very knotted so the therapist tried hard to loosen the knotted muscles. It was painful but cool somehow.

As a part of the “Back Care,” the neck massage was also included.
I usually had a lot of tension on my neck. The therapist asked me if it would be difficult to turn my head to one side. I actually felt like that.
I usually did not know, but I was in a state where my body balance was definitely terrible. But it was feeling that my neck and back were healed slowly and smoothly during the massage therapy, for sure.

I also got the “Face Resizing Care.” The therapist said that the position of my both side of cheekbones differs. Of course, the facial bones were painful due to strong massage, but I tried to bear the pain in order to correct my asymmetric face to symmetric, balanced and small one.

Yakson House! I realized at this opportunity why many people recognize Yakson’s skills and visit there frequently. You can also be healthy and beautiful through the programs of Yakson House.


 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441
 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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