If the color of last year (2017) was “Greenery” which was green-toned healing color, this year’s trendy color is called “Ultra Violet.”

In the fields of interior design, make-up and fashion, Ultra Violet color would be applied to hair color or nail art, and so on. The world of beauty is wide and charming that seems to be more expected.

So, today Yakson brought four beauty trends that will shake up 2018.

4 Beauty Trends That Will Shake Up 2018

1. Cosmetics Without Harmful Ingredients

Well-being has completely changed our lifestyle. Beauty items that will make you healthy both physically and mentally will be more popular this year.

You should no longer confuse "natural", which is a natural ingredient, and "clean," which is removing all harmful ingredients to your skin.

Products containing skin-harmful ingredients such as silicone, paraben, and sulphate are getting more and more avoided by the consumers, and the products containing harmless ingredients that anyone can use, will take over the counter of beauty product stores.

2. The Skin Care Routine Becomes Simpler

In 2017, K-beauty trend was powerful that women's dressing table was very complicated. The essence, ampoule, overnight mask and the other skin care products took up the place.
But this year's women's skin care routine is going to be simple.
The multi-items that give multi-skincare effects in one product is on standby.
Sometimes, it is good to have simple skin care, such as using toner and moisturizer only, in order for your skin to breathe.
Too much nutrients sometimes make your skin tired, don’t you think so?
If it's light and simple multi-product that protects the skin, most people would love it!

3. The Number of Products Against Environmental Pollution Increases

As more women are concerned about serious environmental pollution problems, many beauty labs are preparing smart anti-solution products. The need for skin care products with anti-solution functions is growing day by day.
Beauty product shops are also looking for the solutions for the factors that stress your skin.
Skin care products that protect skin from air conditioners, heaters, germs and blue lights will be available in the market!
Our daily necessities are rapidly following the flow of the environment and the times, making us to adapt to the changed environment with the necessary designs and items.
As environmental pollution becomes serious, it became necessary to develop and improve the skin care products which protect yellow dust for those who have sensitive skin type.

4. Brands are Becoming More and More Comprehensive

Political, economic and ethnic issues have a profound impact on beauty world and are changing trends.
Launched last year, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty has become a hot topic for many women around the world since the customers can choose the right product for their skin color.
As a result of this 'cosmetics that everyone can use' strategy, Fenty Beauty has made huge profits. Experts predict that this trend will be widespread across other brands this year.

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