Monday, October 2, 2017


Let's look into a mirror if you want to look pretty for someone on your mind. Previous researches showed that both “well-balanced” face and body look more attractive to the opposite sex.
Celebrities are also loved by the public with their individual features, but all of them have something in common. The bilateral symmetry of both sides of their face look nice and most of them have balanced face and harmonious eyes.
Today, let’s check how to make a balanced face, which is the primary condition of the symmetrical face and body. This will also guide you to have the charming impression.

Actually, most people have tiny or big facial asymmetry because it comes from the trivial 'lifestyle'. The causes of facial asymmetry are largely congenital and/or acquired, such as habit and posture.

Interestingly, it is also closely related to dental health. Because of uncomfortable teeth, an individual becomes to chew using one side of the teeth and there, that actually causes asymmetry. In addition, when the wrong sleeping habit, scoliosis, and/or pelvic imbalance happen(s), it leads to facial asymmetry.

If you have problems such as inflammation of the jaw joints, you should consider the secondary problem even if you are completely recovered because this can also lead to asymmetry since the other parts of the jaw muscle are heavily used while the problematic part is being cured.

This is the reason why many variables and habits in our lives causing facial asymmetry. Therefore, conscious management and lifestyle improvement are needed. Parents should focus in balancing the face of their children from their childhood, and should also try to discard the habit of resting the chin on hands and the habit of leaning on one foot.

It is also helpful to exercise regularly. Fitness training involves a lot of exercises, so it helps to harmonize muscles of both sides of the body.

In addition, the facial balance care of Yakson House, which is famous for bone therapy, helps to obtain a balanced face without having a high risk of plastic surgery (such as bimaxillary operation). Yakson aims at scientific cares that carefully consider the linkages of the 206 bones of our body.

The coccyx, which helps us to balance our body and manages the pelvic bones and spine; keeps the skeleton straight. Through managing coccyx, facial asymmetry is managed organically. It has a reputation as a way to manage the fundamental parts of our body sequentially rather than mere meridian massage.

It is basically necessary to check your habits and consciously stretch your face and body for a balanced face that gives a nice impression. In addition, through exercise and professional care, a balanced face and body line can be obtained without any plastic surgery.

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