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As everyone knows, a marathon really improves health, especially lung capacity. Therefore, more and more people are participating in the marathon these days. Various marathon events also provide opportunities for the participants to strengthen their physical strength and time to relieve stress.

Let's take a look at how to walk well and run well to prepare for the marathons. Let’s also get familiar with advantages of marathons in our health and our lives, as well as what we need to do when running in the marathon.

People with lack of exercise, Get start the marathon!

In the 21st century, the human body is less subject to normal pressure. As the use of public transportation increases, people’s muscular strength and inhaling capacity got weakened, and it is time to exercise to improve them.

At this time, walking and marathon can be good exercises for modern people. The best exercise is aerobic exercise. It is better to use muscles, bones, and joints, and it is better if you can remove body wastes. This has the effect of relaxing the mind as well as the body.

If you are just a beginner to marathon or have not experienced a lot, it is good to choose 5km, among the other courses (10km, half course, full course, etc.) It is less burdensome than other exercises and is easy to approach because it has the advantage of being able to do it together with both young and old.

However, it is important how to do it. Sometimes there are cases of “sudden death” in marathon that are reported in the news. The cause of the sudden death is because one did not prepare his or her physical strength.

Even though the physical strength and lung capacity conditions are not appropriate for the marathon, there are some people who forced themselves to run hard to set a good record. In that case, there will be a tendency that the participants would get sickness. Especially, muscle cramps and ankle injuries are common problems for the beginners of marathon.

Unless you are a marathon expert, it is better to aim at completing the run rather than running for the record. It is the best way to adjust the overall pace as you are in the long race.

Well-fit sneakers and base stretch, First preparations for the marathon

The most important thing when running is the “running shoes.” It is best to choose shoes that match your foot size. It is appropriate that a finger is inserted between the tip of the toe and the shoe. And of course it should be comfortable. If it is too tight, it is not good because it gives a feeling of pressure to the foot when racing.

Until 30 minutes before you start the marathon, do the simple jogging, gymnastics, and stretching. It is best to stretch your shoulders, waists, hips, knees and ankles in order, starting from the neck, and move only to the extent that you do not feel any pain by relaxing your rarely-used-muscles.

It is good to drink a small amount of beverage given every 5km section. It is effective because it can reduce thirst and dehydration. In long-term races over 10 km, consuming snacks such as chocolate can fill the exhausted energy. However, it should be only a small amount so that you will be very full.

It is also good to apply marathon in your daily life. You may have heard the story of 'walking fast is good for your health'. The aerobic exercise is one of the exercises that can be easily started by everyone, including the elderly because it is like fast walking. So, it is recommended for those who lack basic physical strength.

On the other hand, a light running or daily marathon can be considered as a comprehensive exercise that includes breathing, posture, and joints as a whole body exercise. It is a movement that can raise cardio-force and endurance together. It is a marathon that can be steadily done if a person has basic physical strength.

It is advisable to do a 30-minute marathon in daily life. If you start doing your marathon for 30 minutes with proper breathing and postures, after you have finished your warm-up, you will be able to get a feeling of well-being and sense of accomplishment at once.

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