Monday, October 9, 2017


'The prides of a woman are bags and high heels' is a famous line that targets modern women regardless of the East and the West. If it is the bag that completes the style of the woman, whereas the fashion item which perk up the woman's body line is the innovative invention of mankind, “the high heels.”

It is well known that the higher the heel is, the more severely it affects our bodies. But it cannot be given up because it is considered to be "pride". So... is there any way to get health and beauty at the same time?

I have heard the advice of Yakson House about how to wear high heels smartly.

"Heels, obviously not good for health. It is the important to wear them wisely!"

It has already been proved through many researches that heels are not healthy. The biggest impact is on joints when you wear heals. Moreover, ankle and knee joints are also affected by your heels. It is also happening that the woman with high heels more likely have the 'duck ass' as she need to balance her body while walking. In addition, headache,
callus, and foot deformity may happen.

We all know that heels are bad for our health but it is also harsh to stop the instincts of heel-lovers who pursue “beauty”. It is wise for them to choose a less harmful way of wearing high heels

The higher the heel, the more beautiful it is. However, if you wear a heel above 6cm, the tiredness you feel increases more and more, every 1cm. If your height is not too small, it is recommended to wear heels not exceeding 6cm.

However, if you want to make your toes look special on special occasions, wear stockings then wear high heels to prevent foot tilting. If the weather is too hot to wear stockings, it is good to have a non-slip stuff.

When you get home, give yourself the right to rest your feet with plenty of foot massage and foot bath. The most hard-working part of our body is our feet but we often do not care for them. If you wash your feet as your often daily routine, you will be able to keep your feet healthy.
In addition, a serious disease such as athlete's foot can be caused by the bacteria and fungus in the shoes. There is a simple way to prevent this. If you dry your shoes with the hairdryer only about 30 seconds before you wear the shoes when going out, you can prevent the bacteria from breeding by removing the dampness.

When going out, be a woman who wears 'high-heels' with the wise tip! :)

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