There is a beautiful face shape in the background where celebrities can confidently smile from any angle. At this time, the beautiful face shape should not only be slim when viewed from the front but also should be smooth when viewed from the side.

Among such elements of beauty, the importance of the face shape became bigger than the past. However, those who have the perfect face shape are rare. There are more women with various troubles in their face shapes including square jaw, lantern jaw, and flat facial structure.

It is troublesome to have ugly jaw line, but the most painful “jaw surgery” cannot be easily operated. So, let's upgrade our confidence from now on through bone therapy of Yakson that can provide a sharp chin line or V-line without any surgical procedure. "You can experience remarkable change by practicing these simple massages, for 3 minutes a day for 3 weeks."

flat chin (4 times)
With the feeling of wrapping the face, put the bones of both hands on the jaw line and press for 4 seconds. When doing this, close your mouth. Also, at this time, make sure that the other fingers are not touching your face and the arms should be opened at 45 degrees.

Square jaw (4 times)
Place the bones of both hands on the temporal bone and hold the line next to the tip of the spare jaw with the thumb. Keep your mouth closed and push it forward with your thumb, for 4 seconds.

Lantern jaw (4 times)
Both hands are rolled in a circle. Put your thumb in the lower jaw as far as possible to act as a lever. Stimulate the tip of the chin for 2 seconds with the bone next to the second knuckles of the index finger. (Photo credit: Paperbook)

<Secret of Young Look> has introduced a self-bone massage based on the know-how of the bone massage skills accumulated over many years. The simple jaw massages are introduced in this book. You can experience remarkable change by practicing those three massages for three minutes a day for three weeks.

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