Thursday, September 7, 2017


When the rainy season begins, hot and humid weather makes your skin more sensitive that usually causes skin trouble.

Let me tell you some steps to keep your skin healthy and glow during the rainy season.

Step 1. Keep your skin clean

Due to the high temperature, there is a high frequency of oil and sweat exposure on your skin. The humidity is also too high that the dusts in the air easily stick to the skin. 
Thus, it is easy to get skin-contamination. Those dusts block your pores that causes skin troubles such as acne or pimples.

Especially, it becomes very important to pay more attention when removing your make-up and washing your face because molds and germs are more activated in a humid day.

Moreover, it is recommended for you to thoroughly wash your T-zone and wash your skin twice if you don’t have very sensitive skin.

Step 2. Even on cloudy days, sunscreens are mandatory!

During the rainy season, we do not usually use sunscreens because we think that cloudy weather prevents UV rays. 
But unlike what we think, we get 70 to 80 percent UV rays on our skin even though it's a rainy day.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, it is suggested to bring a portable sun-block and put it on your skin every 2 to 3 hours, so that you can protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

However, when your sunscreen remains on your skin, it might cause skin irritation so you should carefully wash them when you get home.

Step 3. Make sure your skin doesn't run out of moisture!

As the humidity increases, your skin becomes oily. Therefore, you may think that skin oil is not dried up on your skin and it causes you to disregard moisture. 
However, it is a fact that oil is made from moisture shortage in your skin!

Moreover, the air conditioner makes room very dry and it even evaporates moisture from the skin. So your skin will be very dry as well and will have fine wrinkles. 
Therefore, drinking plenty of water helps you to keep your skin healthy.

Step 4. Do the thin and light make-up.

Cosmetic products which contain lots of oil ingredients may cause skin troubles because they tend to close the pores.

Therefore, it is suggested to reduce the stages of skincare products during the humid season and to thinly spread only the necessary products. 
It will help you prevent skin troubles caused by excessive face oil.

Step 5. Consult with specialist for skin trouble in the rainy season

During the rainy season, various kinds of skin troubles such as acne can easily occur. Therefore, be extra careful not to touch your face with your hands. 

If you touch your pimples regularly with your hands, your skin may get inflamed. 
It can also result scars or pigmentations on your skin. Therefore, you should never touch your pimples and wait until it is gone, or find and consult a dermatologist.

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