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Before wedding, special care for the bride is not just optional but is “required.”

It is necessary, not optional, because wedding is one of the most special occasion in a lifetime. The bride should be more beautiful and shining than anyone else. However, when preparing for marriage, there are not one or two things to worry about, so it is really confusing to know which care to have or how to start it.

Bride before wedding, just be careful about this!

Forcing a diet before a wedding brings an abnormal signal to health. In severe cases, side effects such as hair loss and aging of the skin may occur. Therefore, it is good to try weight control through constant eating habit regulation.

In fact, it is not the weight but the line of shape that is important to the bride before marriage. The lines of the shoulders, back, and arms are the most visible parts when the bride wears a wedding dress.

The forearm and back are difficult to see the effect only in a short period of workout. Therefore, it is good to have a massage that promotes blood circulation and calms the swelling, preferably with exercise. The costs for the care of the bride cannot be ignored too. However, massage is like a manure, so it is very necessary for a woman especially when giving birth to a baby.

Women also need to receive intensive care from time to time starting from their youth, such as skin, health, and body shape care. This is considerably important especially before giving birth because it indirectly affects prenatal care.

One of the common problems that can be found in the brides getting married is the skin trouble. Women who have smooth and nice skin also suffers from skin troubles caused by stress. Considering that the period of the skin condition is about 28 days, it is good to have steady skin care at least 2-3 months before the wedding.

Especially, in the case of acne skin, acnes are mixed with body wastes and sebum in the pores to prepare for coming out of the skin. So it is good to relax body and mind and to conduct home care.

In order to make transparent and beautiful skin which is suitable for a white wedding dress, you have to be careful about cleansing and exfoliation. When cleansing, use a lukewarm water around 25 degrees, and use suitable cleansing and foundation products for your skin.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the dull, dark skin tone, it is good to eat green and yellow vegetables containing vitamin A. Aside from that, if you need extra moisture for your skin, you are recommended to have foods such as cucumber or the other food which contains a lot of water. If your skin is very dry, eat external blue colored fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel which contain rich unsaturated fatty acid. If you are worried about skin elasticity and laxity, constantly eat fruits such as lemons and oranges which contain rich vitamins.

Special care for precious brides

At global beauty esthetic - Yakson House, we have special wedding care for brides and grooms. This care program is focused on customized cares including whole body weight care that manages extra flab and creates the best condition.

In addition, the wedding care program is suggested to make the facial and shoulder lines look beautiful in a short period of time with appropriate care for those who have knotted muscles due to the stress of preparing for marriage. Customized skin care helps the brides’ makeup on the day of the wedding which leads to beautiful wedding pictures.

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