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Week 4 of Arm Golki Treatment

May 09, 2017
Hello dear reader! I am so sorry for the late post. I have been so busy with both law school and my mommy duties but don't worry, blogging is still my happy place! I always look forward to sharing my mom-ventures with you even if it's only a few times every month and this post is actually to give you an update about my ongoing program with Yakson House.

Just so you know, visiting Yakson House is the highlight of my week because it really helps me relieve stress (and I have lots of it!). I often count the days until my next visit as it's the only "me" time I have! I do recommend it to everyone who needs to recharge from a long week at work, school or home (with your kids)!

On my fourth session of Arm Care Program, I received the Arm Golki plus the usual oh-so-relaxing front body and belly massage. If you're curious how Arm Golki feels, it is like someone is pinching and punching my arms but in a good way! Haha! I feel like all my sleeping fats are being awakened! I hope they'll disappear or at least turn into firm muscles. hihi

I was surprised when I was told that they will be applying Thirty Mask on my arms! Thirty Mask is Yakson's special mask which is made of 30 different herbal and natural ingredients designed to slim and tighten the skin. Thirty mask also makes the skin firmer. The first time I tried on this mask was during the Face Resizing Program and of course they applied it on my face. Having the Thirty Mask on my arms this time felt really luxurious!

It's like I'm a wearing long sleeves! Haha!

I love the herbal smell of the Thirty Mask and it feels cold on the skin!

If you want to try the Arm Care Program, Yakson House Makati has an ongoing promotion and with just 10,000php consumable you can make your own combination of treatments (limited to one treatment per program) It's a great deal and cannot let it pass! Message their facebook page - Yakson House Makati or website to inquire!

 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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